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Chicken Tractor Renovations ~ A Mutiny Ranch Project

One of the first ranch projects we tackled was the building of the Chicken Tractor. As "new" farmers with limited experience, we learned that chickens were probably the easiest livestock to raise and generally required the smallest upfront investment. They're also pretty self-sufficient, compared to things like milk cows, and don't need much space.

Raising chickens can be part of a "closed loop system" where everything works together...the chickens eat the weeds and help control harmful insects (they love grasshoppers and crickets and other things that like to eat your veggie plants), they till the first few inches of the garden soil mixing nitrogen rich poop, compost and plant material into the ground (so you don't have to) without disturbing the precious network of bacteria and mycelium like you would with rototilling, they make kitchen scraps disappear in short order and turn all of this into eggs (and meat, if that's your thing). Once you have …