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The Simple Worm Composting Bin Used at Mutiny Ranch

Worms live in my kitchen.

Does that seem strange? Or gross? Are you thinking to yourself that you might not want to be invited for dinner at our house after all?

Well, if it's any consolation, no one who has been in my house even knew I had worms in the kitchen...unless I told them. But, once they knew, they did ask why. Why on earth do I have worms in my kitchen?

Part of our decision to get off the road and buy property in this exact area of Colorado had to do with our desire to grow our own food. By chance, I came across a flyer announcing a 2-day Permaculture Convergence being held at a nearby farm and it was there I learned about vermicompost...also known as worm composting.

I'd always been intrigued by the concept of building soil through composting but I didn't know how it really worked. My last compost pile (a decade ago) was just a mound of kitchen scraps near my suburbia issued wooden fence that I never tended. It ended up sprouting some rogue cantaloup…