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From Anchorage, Alaska to Bend, Oregon with a Gimp Foot

When I first started writing about our travels I wanted to keep things chronological, and I wanted to write about every single place we stopped along the way. Even the mundane...although my goal was to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I think every place has something special to offer and, if there's not, then it's more of a reflection of our own prejudices and expectations than it is a fault of that particular place. But as I get closer to wrapping up the last of our fulltiming RV travels I find myself if typing out these last few posts puts the nail in the coffin of that part of life. As much as I love our new adventure, the farmlette/homesteading one, it's difficult to give up the title of "Fulltime RVer" and "nomad". There's a little Ego tied up in all that.

But, I really, really want to tell you guys about some of the best days of our nomadic days.

These words capture a few moments in time from July 2015-October 2015.…