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The Mutiny Ranch Builds a Chicken Hay Fort!

One of the first things we wanted to do after moving to the ranch was get a few chickens because, really, nothing says farm life better than chickens. But with an expanding menagerie comes feed bills and it was (and still is) important to us to be able to live within our current means. In other words, there has to be a benefit to offset the cost of pretty much everything we hope to accomplish and the chickens are no exception. So, in return for food, shelter, water and bedding the chickens provide a few eggs, fertilizer (manure), pest control and weed management...or at least they will as we grow our flock. Pastured eggs in our area run about $5 a dozen and require a drive into town and since we want to follow the permaculture principles synthetic fertilizers and toxic pest control products are not items we wish to use.

But first things first.

We had to build a coop. It gets really cold here and our hens would need refuge from the elements. We also live in a area with predator bird…