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We Bought a Farm! ~ Why We Got Off the Road

We've been fulltime RV travelers for three and a half years now. It's an experience we don't regret...not for a minute...and one that has changed our lives for the better. It has given us a new perspective on life, a deeper relationship with each other and has helped us "find ourselves". I highly recommend everyone give it a shot...sell off your possessions, detach from the known and head off to places you've not only read about but those you never knew existed. I honestly believe that the only way we can grow is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and do the things that scare us. Do the things that make you break out in a sweat, stumble over your words, laugh nervously and question your sanity (but be safe for goodness sake...I'm talking about comfort zones not hanging over a cliff).

Yes, we were nomads. And we enjoyed almost every minute of it. But mostly we loved how it changed us, including (and maybe especially) when we didn't enjoy i…