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Hiking Zebra & Tunnel Slots in Grand Staircase Escalante ~ Utah

{Dates of Visit Apr 16-22, 2015}

Sometimes it pays to think outside the box...especially when you find yourself in overly crowded places and you remember your house has wheels, and an engine. Everyone in the world (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration) knows about the beauty and splendor of Zion and Arches--and I don't want to diminish those facts--but it's also a fact that, like Yellowstone or Yosemite, if you don't plan it right your trip to these spots may involve long lines, crowded trails and lots of photo bombs from strangers. Of course, if you're limited to when you can go you just might have to suck it up and deal with visiting the most popular parks during the most popular times of the year...and that's okay (some people even thrive in crowds). But, you could also decide to visit some lesser known, but equally amazing places instead.

We've mentioned Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument quite a few times in our last few posts. Part of the reason is …

Our Favorite Slot Canyon Hikes ~ {Near} Kodachrome Basin State Park, Utah

{Dates of Visit Apr 13- 16, 2015}

We'd waited a looooong time to finally visit Kodachrome Basin State Park. Every since Nealy's on Wheels blogged about it back in May of 2014 it had been on our radar and, after reading about a couple of nearby hikes in our recently acquired guide book Favorite Hikes In & Around Zion National Park by Tanya Milligan and Bo Beck, we were super stoked to have arrived.

Kodachrome was named in 1949 after a National Geographic team came out and photographed the amazing colors on their equally amazing (and brand new) Kodak film...some of you reading may remember film, right? Dotted with towering sandstone spires, you can be sure that this park is pretty extraordinary. Full hookup sites will set you back $28 per night while dry camping is $19 per night. Due to it's close proximity to Grand Staricase-Escalante there are also boondocking options on BLM land but, you do need a permit. (Be sure to stop at the Cannonville Visitor Center before makin…

Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park ~ Utah

{Dates of Visit Apr 8-13, 2015}

Quite possibly our favorite Scenic Byway is Utah's Highway 12 (Highway 395 puts up quite a fight though). In it's 124 miles Highway 12 passes through 2 National Parks, 1 National Monument, a National Forest and 3 Utah State Parks. It's dotted with quirky small towns, each offering something unique along with a warm friendliness not easily found in bigger towns and cities. And even though our attempt at visiting Zion earlier in the week was a bust, we were confident we'd be able to explore Bryce Canyon National Park and that's where we headed next.

Since we had just paid for a week of full hookups in Mount Carmel, we intended to boondock at a spot we found on Gone With the Wynn's blog. Once we arrived at the spot, and it was pretty nice, we found it difficult to get level. And once we got somewhat level we discovered our hot water heater was leaking. At first it didn't appear too bad but with the overnight temperatures droppin…