Nestled in an Ancient "City" ~ City of Rocks State Park, New Mexico

{Dates of Visit: Feb 5-8, 2015} 

The one thing I can honestly say we missed from our sticks n' bricks life was out hot tub. It was a tiny little thing...just a small corner unit that comfortably seated two (on one occasion managed to fit four of us somewhat awkwardly) and soothed away tired muscle from long work hours and/or marathon training runs (back when I, Lynn, ran long distance). When we left the Gila National Forest we were high on hot springs fumes and looking for more. We headed to City of Rocks State Park which is located between Silver City and Deming, New Mexico and was only a couple of miles from Faywood Hot Springs.

The large rock formations that make up the "city" are almost 35 million years old. Formed from a volcanic eruption they appear like an anomaly in the otherwise smooth desert landscape. Erosion from wind and water cut "roads" between the rocks that are perfect for climbing and exploring. And, while there are a few RV site with hook ups (6 w/e and only 4 w/e/s) the best sites are dry camping only (like most NM state parks there are showers available). These sites are scattered among the rock formations...some tucked away from the road and some wedged between them. Not all of them are level enough for large rigs so you have to keep your fingers crossed that you can snag a good one.

Avi's checking out the site.

The park also offers quite a few hiking trails (5.5 miles total), from a nice nature walk near the visitors center to a hike up a mountain that provides stunning views of the city from above. All are pet friendly.

A little yoga break on top of Observation Point. You can see the "city" in the background.
As far as Faywood Hot Springs, we took a tour thinking we might spring for an hour soak. Unfortunately, the timing must not have been good. The visitors center was still under construction and the grounds were in a state of disrepair. We got out of the Jeep to explore and just didn't quite feel like the pools were worth the $13 per person (per hour). Maybe it was because we were coming from a place where we could soak all day in amazing natural pools for just $5 (at Gila Hot Springs and we're headed to a $3 per night camping spot with free hot spring access at Hot Well Dunes). The RV sites were tight and seemed a bit steep in price ($38.50 for two people) especially considering there was no where to hike outside of your door (unlike City of Rocks). I've heard from a few people that they really enjoyed their stay at Faywood since then so perhaps the improvements have been completed...we're definitely open to checking it out again.

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