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Putting the Fun in Funky Towns ~ Old Cottonwood and Jerome, AZ

{Dates of Visit Mar 12 - 18, 2015} 

The plans for a summer in Alaska were already well in the works when we left Tucson and started north. There were a lot of miles to be covered to get us into position to cross into Canada on June 1st but the temperatures in many areas along the way were still below freezing. Since Clark's sister lives in Jerome, not far from Sedona, we decided to spend a couple of weeks visiting family and enjoying the famous red rocks.

We spent our first few days on some National Forest land (Thousand Trails Road) right near the Thousand Trails Park in Cottonwood. This is a popular area for boondockers and Thousand Trails members who need to cycle out of the system before being able to get their discount again. So, it was a little crowded. Not so much that we had trouble finding a level spot, but enough that there was almost always someone coming or going and you had to pay attention to where you parked, lest you end up in the middle of a road or in someone els…

Picture Perfect Hiking, Nomadic Gatherings and Biosphere 2 ~ Catalina State Park, AZ

{Dates of Visit Feb 23 - Mar 5, 2015}
Creating friendships on the road has been an unexpected benefit to maintaining even a small social media presence. We created this blog shortly before we hit the road and then decided to link it to a Facebook page so that friends and family could follow our adventures (or not) while allowing us to keep our regular Facebook accounts more personal. Not long after we hit the road, Instagram became a popular place to post "real time" photos and short captions that enabled followers to know what we're up to right now...and we could stalk follow other nomads as well. About a year into our adventures we became part of a small beta group for the pre-launch of RVillage forging strong friendships with other beta members. We continue to meet fellow nomads now and again through RVillage.

Because of these various social media sites, we ended up at Catalina State Park in NW Tuscon last spring. After meeting Christine and Brent of  Horton's Tra…

Cacti, Sunsets and Hummingbirds ~ Gilbert Ray Campgound in Tucson, AZ

{Dates of Visit Feb 16-23, 2015}
An interesting thing about Tucson is the apparent lack of non-age restricted RV parks in close proximity to the city itself. And, if you want to boondock? Well, the options are even more limited (there is a small piece of BLM land to the SW of the city but some fellow nomads have told us it's very crowded and a casino in the Drexel Heights area that offers free overnight stays). Since the city covers something like 236 square miles it can take a long time (and a lot of fuel) to drive one end to other. And, as luck would have it we wanted to check out some things in both the western and north eastern sides, naturally. So what did we do? We split our visit into two separate stops.

We stayed a week, which is the maximum allowable time, at Gilbert Ray Campground on the west side of Tucson. This is an exceptionally beautiful park in the middle of the Tucson Mountain Park near Saguaro National Park (west). It has electrical hookups (30amp), an onsite du…