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The Mutiny Ranch Builds a Chicken Hay Fort!

One of the first things we wanted to do after moving to the ranch was get a few chickens because, really, nothing says farm life better than chickens. But with an expanding menagerie comes feed bills and it was (and still is) important to us to be able to live within our current means. In other words, there has to be a benefit to offset the cost of pretty much everything we hope to accomplish and the chickens are no exception. So, in return for food, shelter, water and bedding the chickens provide a few eggs, fertilizer (manure), pest control and weed management...or at least they will as we grow our flock. Pastured eggs in our area run about $5 a dozen and require a drive into town and since we want to follow the permaculture principles synthetic fertilizers and toxic pest control products are not items we wish to use.

But first things first.

We had to build a coop. It gets really cold here and our hens would need refuge from the elements. We also live in a area with predator bird…

What's Going On? A Farm Update.

Well, it's been three months since we moved out of the RV and into our new home on the farm. In case you missed it, we decided to trade the fulltime RV lifestyle for farm life and are making a home in South West Colorado (you can read about our whyhere). And a lot has been going on...

Shortly after signing those closing papers and getting the keys to the modular mansion I (Lynn) attended a nearby permaculture convergence. I had heard the term permaculture before (the ashram where I attended yoga school also offered permaculture courses) but I wasn't quite sure what all it encompassed. The two day event offered 1-2 hour topics ranging from worm composting to grey water harvesting to foraging for edible weeds in your own back yard. I was able to gain a greater understanding of the lifestyle and farming methods as well as meet local people who are already embracing permaculture principles. There will be lots more on that in future posts.

Since our move in date was June 13th and …

We Bought a Farm! ~ Why We Got Off the Road

We've been fulltime RV travelers for three and a half years now. It's an experience we don't regret...not for a minute...and one that has changed our lives for the better. It has given us a new perspective on life, a deeper relationship with each other and has helped us "find ourselves". I highly recommend everyone give it a shot...sell off your possessions, detach from the known and head off to places you've not only read about but those you never knew existed. I honestly believe that the only way we can grow is to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and do the things that scare us. Do the things that make you break out in a sweat, stumble over your words, laugh nervously and question your sanity (but be safe for goodness sake...I'm talking about comfort zones not hanging over a cliff).

Yes, we were nomads. And we enjoyed almost every minute of it. But mostly we loved how it changed us, including (and maybe especially) when we didn't enjoy i…

Expedition Alaska ~ Glacier Hiking at Our Number One Favorite Spot in Alaska ~ McCarthy

If there was one adventure...I had to pick as my favorite out of all the things we did and experienced in Alaska it would be McCarthy and Kennicott. Hands down.

Yes, seeing whales breaching and puffins flying and bears grazing and eagles soaring was beyond my expectations on this 3 month journey. But McCarthy? Well, it's just special. And after talking with our travel companions, Gone With the Wynns and The Learning Banks, without a moments hesitation, we are all in agreement...go to McCarthy!

So what makes McCarthy so special? Could it be the 60 miles of tooth-rattling washboard road that dead ends a mile from the town at the foot of the Kennecott River? Or is it the fact that the town has a population of around 25 yet has a full bar, several restaurants, a hotel, an outfitters, a grocery store and ice cream shop...which all run off of generator power? Maybe it's the mining history with it's copper so pure it's never been seen anywhere else in the world. …

Expedition Alaska 2015 ~ Fishing, Hiking, Fireworks and Glaciers ~ Valdez, AK

After pretty much getting skunked fishing at the Copper River we were eager to get to Valdez where we'd have a chance to do other "Alaska" hike to a glacier, watch the salmon return to the fishery they were born at, fish for said salmon and cruise the Prince William Sound. Our little threesome of RVs traveled down the Richardson Highway and made an overnight pit stop in the Keystone Canyon so we'd have better access to explore a few areas before getting to Valdez.

A particularly awesome side trip was to the Worthington Glacier. Although we'd seen quite a few glaciers by now they were all off in the distance. At Worthington Glacier you can not only hike to the glacier, but you can touch it...and taste it...if you want. And we did want! It was such a nice hike out that I actually returned the next morning with Nellie so she could touch a glacier too. Unfortunately, she was not as thrilled as I was about getting close to it but she did like drinking th…