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I Hear the Train A Comin'...Eastern Washington (toot, toot)

{Dates of Visit August 1-3, 2014}

I have to admit...our travels through Eastern Washington state were on the less-than-impressive side. I don't mean to offend anyone who lives in that area or who thinks it's the bees knees but man was it hot, dry and dusty. If your impression of Washington is lush mountainsides, foggy coasts and the grey, dizzily days you've come to identify with the name Seattle then just drive I90 east of Moses Lake toward Spokane and you'll wonder if you'll ever see water again.

Okay, so it was August and, as we all know, there's been a bit of a drought on the west coast these past few years so maybe it's not always as dry and hot as it was when we passed through the area. But still. Call us spoiled travelers or picky tourists but Eastern Washington is forever off the list of "potential places to settle down". It ranks right up there with the Dust Bowl area of Oklahoma and Bullhead City, Arizona as too dry, too hot and too flat…

Laid Back in Clark Fork, Idaho

The life of a fulltime travelers isn't always non-stop adventures, visiting famous destinations and drinking fancy cocktails. What started out as out pie-in-the-sky expectations to winter in Key West (we soon found out it was way outside of our budget unless we took out a small loan), visit every National Park, Monument and Historic Site, and eat our way through the best of the best restaurants from coast to coast ended up being a lesson in reality. I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...we have a lot of down time.

I know, I can it be that we, the crew of the Mutiny, can spend pretty much an entire week lying around in our pajamas, eating whatever we can find in the back of the freezer and only seeing the light of day when we need to take Nellie out for a potty break? It's not because we're lazy, per's that we learned that real life isn't a non-stop, all expenses paid vacation.

It wasn't just the expense of it all. Sure we're on a…

The Magic of Glacier National Park

“This is an exercise in civics as much as it is in conservation, or the environment, or anything. This was this unique compact that we are all co-owners of some of the most beautiful places in the world. And ownership suggests only modest, in this case, responsibilities. Go out and visit your property. Make sure it’s being taken care of. That is, be a good constituent of them, and make sure they’re being taken care of for future generations.” (From A Conversation with Ken Burns on the National Parks: Americas Best Idea by Kurt Repanshek.) Regardless of how you feel about the management of our National Parks the fact that they even exist should give those of us who love the wilderness and support conservation at least a little hope. I get it, it's frustrating to go visit a park only to find you can't take your dog with you on hike (Nellie's not too happy about that) but Mr. & Mrs. Tourist-For-a-Day can bring their children who, like quite a few adult visitors, ha…

Reflecting On 3 Years of Fulltime Travel

On October 3, 2015 we celebrated 3 years as fulltimers. Rather than shock you with a timely post I thought I'd stay true to form and blog about our Nomadiversary (or AnniversRV, as our friend Jeanette of JenEric Ramblings so wittily put it) a few days after the fact. After much thought I've decided to follow in the footsteps of every other RV blogger who recaps with their do's and don'ts and lessons learned over the years.

We all like to think we're different. After all, most fulltimers already think outside of the box having ditched the traditional American Dream, sold off 90% of their possessions and consciously chosen to live in less than 300 square feet of space. But, it appears we all make the same "mistakes" our first year(s) on the road. These are the lessons we learned after reading everyone else's Nomadiversary blog posts and yet decided not to follow their advice when we first hit the road. Poo-poo on your "lessons"...we're di…