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Good Hiking Gone Bad...Breaking an Ankle in the Alaska Wilderness

There wasn't much pain when I heard the popping noise from my ankle. It was mostly shock and disbelief. Here I was, hiking down the notorious Mt. Marathon in Seward, Alaska with my husband, Clark, and friends, Nikki and Jason Wynn (fellow fulltime travelers from Gone With the Wynns), on a drizzly evening when I took that single, fateful step. Just a few hours before we'd climbed up the mountain, along with a hundred or so others, to watch a local band, Blackwater Railroad Company, perform a little concert (it was amazing!!). It was surreal. I mean, how often can you say you hiked 2 miles, gaining 2000+ vertical feet, to party on top of mountain with a bunch of other hikers? We were surrounded by an alpine meadow full of wildflowers and a waterfall taking in the experience...great music, dancing, dogs running and was an unbelievable scene.

That was two weeks and two days ago today and as wonderful as that experience was what transpired afterward was o…

The Last Frontier...Our 10 Tips to Prepare For the Bold Adventure That is Alaska

We always knew Alaska was a destination for us. I (Lynn) graduated from Ben Eielson Sr. High School near North Pole and attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Having lived there from 1987-1992 I've always felt an emotion bond, so to speak, with the area. If you've ever spent time there...really, good, quality time...then you understand. As for Clark, well he's always wanted to visit the places I grew up. Being an Air Force brat that means a lot of places including our visit to the Poconos in fall of 2013. And you really just can't beat the beauty that is Alaska. Sure, some places may share a few similarities but all in all this entire state is utterly stunning, no matter where you go, no matter how many miles you drive...yes, the entire state.

Our plans began to solidify when our niece, Christina, sent out a "save the date" for her wedding which is to be held the first weekend in September in Seattle. Knowing we needed to stay "close" to the…