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Unexpected Finds in Arlee, Montana

{Dates of Visit: July 19-21, 2014}

Not all of our stops are deserving of their own post. I mean, sometimes we only stop for an over-nighter and never leave the RV, let alone the campground. There are plenty of times we simply *unplug* from sight-seeing and hiking, opting instead to *plug in* to the boob-tube and just sit. But sometimes, even though we only stop for a night or two, a place does deserve it's own post for one reason or another.

Jocko Hollow Campground in Arlee, Montana, is one such place. It's a tiny little campground with just 8 RV sites and an area for tent campers. But the grounds are beautiful and the Jocko River flows right through it all. The owners are friendly and the attention to detail was a nice surprise (see the flower box on our picnic table). With so few sites, some of them being on tight turns, you might want to call before attempting to squeeze in. There's also a low overpass to navigate...and even though we knew we would fit there was a little…

How Solar Revitilized Our Fulltime Lifestyle

When we first decided to ditch the sticks & bricks, and 90% of our possessions, for a life of wandering the country in an RV we knew nothing about what that would entail. We had owned a Starcraft tent trailer and camped extensively but that's hardly like living in an RV. Of course, we did some research and gained a lot of knowledge from other people's blogs on the logistics of things like how to get our mail, why we might want to change our domicile, how to find places to camp, etc. But we didn't really understand all of the options available on RVs and what our needs might be, especially down the road.

So, about a year and a half into our adventure, while camping at Glacier National Park with Jen and Deas from Nealy's On Wheels, that we found out the Mutiny wasn't equipped with an inverter (shoot, for 8 months we didn't know we had Sirius/XM radio and that the previous owner had purchased a lifetime membership...these things can happen). An inverter, unli…

There Will Be Crowds...Yellowstone National Park

{Dates of Visit: July 7-17, 2014}

Sometimes you just have to just throw your hands in the air and deal with the fact that you can't win them all. We'd been quite lucky in our travels to have hit up some of the most popular National Parks and touristy areas at just the right big crowds but still great weather. I'm not going to lie, it spoiled us! But here we were...camped very close to Yellowstone National Park...with no excuse NOT to go other than it being the height of summer and family vacations were in full swing. What to do, what to do??

We weighed the odds of us being this close to Yellowstone any time soon...calculating fuel costs to make it a "destination" while looking at the realities of where we would winter and which areas of the country we still wanted to visit sooner than later. And so we decided to brave the crowds just in case we wouldn't be back in the area for a while.

Because we don't like long travel days (we opt to keep our tr…