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Get Along Little Doggies...Horses and Hikes at Grand Teton National Park

{Dates of Visit: July 3-7, 2014}

We're constantly learning how to do this whole full-timing thing...refining our style and gathering lessons so that we can have a more enjoyable time while not going broke. As I mentioned in a previous post, when we first hit the road we tried to stay at RV parks that accepted the Passport America discount almost exclusively. Then we realized how much gas we were burning to get to some of the RV parks that were a bit out of the way. The same can be said for choosing to stay at a far-away park and driving the toad to tourist destinations to save a few bucks (you often end up spending more in gas than makes it worth it).

Unfortunately, we hadn't learned that lesson yet when we chose to visit Grand Teton National Park last July.

We opted to stay at Flat Creek RV in Thayne, Wyoming because the prices of RV parks (with hookups) near Jackson were a little shocking. Truthfully, Grand Teton wasn't exactly on our places to visit at the time but when…

Visiting the Carribean of the Rockies...Bear Lake, Utah

{Dates of Visit: June 25 - July 3, 2014}

You know what's really cool (bedsides RVing)? Building up a network of fellow RVers and bloggers who see where you're heading and then make awesome recommendations for a side adventure. That's what our good friends Nealys On Wheels did when they saw we were heading north from Salt Lake City. Seems we were a few weeks behind them...but bound for the same late July destination of Glacier National Park.

So, Jennifer Nealy, being the amazing planner and sharer of information that she is, set me a message advising us to stop at Bear Lake, situated on the border of Utah and Idaho. And, since she's way better than me at updating her blog in a timely manner I was able to read her post and see just how gorgeous the area was before I book a spot.

Everything about our travels to Bear Lake was memorablefrom the drive all the way up Logan Canyon (Scenic Highway 89) to the stunning views of the turquoise water of the lake at the summit.


Rambling Yogi: Episode 6 ~ Yoga On York {Judgement Day in Maine}

Yoga On York
.250 York Street
York, Maine

Styles of Yoga Offered:
Vinyasa Flow with classes offered in Level 1, 2, 2/3 and 3Gentle YogaMeditationYoga ToneYoga CoreHip Hop Yoga Class(es) I took:
Level 2/3 Vinyasa Flow Instructor:
Rae Lynn Price:
$15 drop-in (or $70 per month unlimited)
There's something about the Maine Coast that makes "normal" people want to don on a pair of Sperry Top-Siders and dress in pastels. The dress code recommendation must be available in the literature you can obtain at the rest stops near the state border. It seems to make it all the more bearable when taking scenic photographs only to find that there are people in said photo. But hey, they're all dressed like Easter Eggs, adding a nice splash of color to the often times grey skies and grey sea. Smart move Maine...

Being the type of yogi who has never owned real yoga clothing (I generally wear the same old faded stretchy shorts I ran my marathon in 4 years ago...and a cheap tank top) I'l…