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Passport Stamp Pit Stop at Chaco Cultural Historical Park

{Date of Visit: Apr 29-30, 2014}

If you've learned anything about us you know that #1 we don't like to drive all that far on any given day and #2 we (and by "we" I mean me ~ Lynn) are suckers for collecting National Park Service stamps in our passport book. So when it was time to leave Albuquerque and head to SW Colorado there was no doubt about it...we would stopping at Chaco Culture National Historical Park.

Since this was prior to our solar install and the temperatures were climbing (making it dangerous to leave the cats without AC) we felt it necessary to stay somewhere with at least electric hookups. But the pickings were very, very slim. Very slim. Extremely slim. And that meant we ended up parked in the lot of the Apache Nugget Casino. This was far from being a legitimate RV Park and barely resembled a casino. Basically it was a gas station literally in the middle of no where. It was also a good 35 miles (one way) to Chaco Canyon.

But, we're loyal to our p…

People, Petroglyphs and Peculiars: Putting the Quirky in Albuquerque

{Dates of Visit: Apr 18-29, 2014}

As soon as we found out the campground we book in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Enchanted Trails, was right next door to Camping World we planned a long (for us) layover. Like most RVers, Camping World is not our first choice for RV repairs and/or maintenance but we have a warranty on the Mutiny and CW direct bills the company, so we sucked it up. We were overdue for an oil change and general inspection and our converter had not been charging properly for several months. (Tip: It's important to take care of your home on wheels...even if it means giving your business to CW.)

Enchanted Trails is very friendly park...they have an onsite repair man who seemed very knowledgeable and was totally fine with giving out free advice. They also have a bunch of vintage trailers you can rent (like a hotel room). It' happens to be a Passport America campground but while they only accept the PA discount for 2 nights they will still give you the discount even if yo…

It's All Ok in OKC {Oklahoma City, OK}

{Dates of Stay Apr 14-17, 2014}

 Let me ask you this, unless you have family in Oklahoma is there any reason to go there?

I'll answer that with a resounding...Yes! And might I suggest Oklahoma City be added to your list-of-places-to-see?

Truthfully, neither of us had placed OKC on our "list" but after the eye-opening experience we had in Arkansas (it's beautiful) we knew we shouldn't judge a book by it's cover (or by our own warped perception).

We stayed at Wes Watkins Reservoir about 35 minutes from the city center. At $24 per night for 50amps w/water (dump station on site) it seemed like a good bargain but once again we learned that staying too far away from the "action" means we won't get to see everything we'd hoped to (the drive got a little monotonous and we lost our motivation to tackle it more than twice during our stay).

But one thing we were determined to see was what was once the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, the site of the 19…