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Walkin' {and eating} In Memphis...

{Dates of visit: Mar 15-20, 2014}
When we left Natchez we took the Natchez Trace Parkway as far as we could and then hopped back over to The Blues Highway. As soon as we crossed into Tennessee the entire landscape changed. Apparently, coming from this direction means entering the city through the poorest section, the litter so deep it looked like we were driving through a landfill, literally.

We had originally planned on trying to stay at one of the State Parks close to the city but after passing through that section of town we just didn't feel like we could face the extreme poverty (and garbage) every time we wanted to go out. So, we ended up at Agricenter International, a farm and research center that hosts events throughout the year (kinda like a fairground). It's located on the eastern outskirts of the city. The rates were fairly reasonable at $27 per night for 30 amps and full hookups or $30 per night for 50 amps and full hookups with the Farmer's Market within walk…

We Got the Blues For the Blues: Natchez, Mississippi

{Date of Visit: Mar 11 - 14, 2014}

After leaving New Orleans we decided we were "close enough" to make a run for Memphis. Clark, being the musician that he is, has always wanted to check it out. So, we headed up Route 61, also known as The Blue's Highway, making a stop in Natchez, Mississippi (the oldest settlement on the Mississippi River) along the way.

We stayed at Natchez State Park which is about 10 miles from town but has easy access to the Natchez Trace Parkway, a 10,000 year old trail (now paved) that should not be missed. Unfortunately, what I would call the nicer section of the campground (Loop B) was closed due to a water pump issue. We ended up being moved to the older section (Loop A space 1) which was a bit of a disappointment as it was more like a parking spot with very little privacy and right where the roads in and out passed. Still, for $18 per night for full hook-ups it wasn't all that bad. (Side note: although there is technically a length of sta…

What's In Our Kitchen?

One misconception some people have about RVing is that you can't possibly have wholesome, healthy, home-cooked meals prepared in such a small kitchen. The belief is that all of us eat out of cans (baked beans anyone?) and survive on hot dogs, s'mores and pancakes made in a shaker bottle. Well, in the world of fulltimers you'll definitely find those who eat the more traditional "camp fire meals" but you'll also find some real gourmands making even those with a 200 square foot kitchen (let alone 200 square foot home) envious.

I am neither a campfire cook (except on occasion for fun) nor a gourmand. I am, however, pretty good at following a recipe. I'm also a vegan and Clark is not. That means I do a lot of cooking (sometimes 6 different meals a day). If you think that sounds exhausting you'd be right! And remember, with limited counter space, a limited number of pots and pans and tiny sink, it also means doing a lot of dishes.

In the various RV forums…

The Mutiny Takes on Mardi Gras ~ 2014

{Dates of visit: Feb 22-Mar 11, 2014}

The Mutiny is no stranger to New Orleans. During our first year on the road we spent a week in the French Quarter and did it up tourist style...beignets, Sazeracs, French 75s, ghost tours all mixed with a side of local flavor provided by friends who actually live in NOLA and could give us "the scoop". So, our return trip in March of 2014 was strictly for experiencing Mardi Gras (and not so much hitting up all of the same touristy spots).

And here's where we got lucky. Our daughter-in-law, Ashley, was born and raised in New Orleans. She and Gina, Clark's daughter. return every year to celebrate Mardi Gras. Not only did we have the best reason ever to make NOLA a destination, but we literally had the "in" for the festivities! I had no idea how things worked for this major undertaking...I didn't know what a krewe was and therefore had no idea which parades we should be going to or even how to get there once the street…