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The Florida Panhandle ~ Grayton Beach State Park

{Dates of visit Jan 22 - Feb 1, 2014}

As we mentioned in a previous post, we couldn't decide which park to stay at on our trip through the Florida panhandle...St. Andrews State Park or Grayton Beach State Park. Then we realized we don't have to limit ourselves and nothing said we couldn't visit both! So that's exactly what we did. After a week at St. Andrews we made the long and arduous {insert sarcastic tone} 33 mile drive to Grayton Beach. It's our shortest journey to date.

There are two sections available for RVers, the new side (where we were) which is geared for larger RVs and is more open (suitable for those wanting satellite TV) and an older section that is well treed and has a much more private feel. The rangers chose our spot for us (I think they knew the weather was going to get really bad) so we were near the restroom, laundry and had full hookups.

Although the temperatures were far from tropical and there was no way we could venture out in flip flops o…

Just Who Do We Think We Are?

Like many stories, Tales From the Mutiny started as a dream...just two people talking about the future over a couple of Pina Coladas on a much too short vacation to Cabo. The dream, which seemed so wild, unconventional and out of reach, developed into an idea over the course of several vacations...a 10 day trip from Northern California to Oregon along the coast in Clark's pop-up trailer, a 4x4 adventure one weekend to the Sierras and snorkeling in Belize where we met an expat who gave it all up and now sells frozen margaritas to tourists coming off of the cruise ships. But things got really real when my parents were involved in a horrendous car accident in 2009 that claimed my dad's life.

In going through his possessions I came across my dads calendar on his computer. In it was listed all of the things he wanted to do...the honey-dos, the tee times, the AA meetings and the trips he had planned...all the things he would never be able to do or see. I still have the computer (it…

Often Overlooked Magical Places: The Florida Panhandle {St. Andrews State Park}

{Dates of visit: Jan 17-22, 2014}

We try to travel somewhat unscripted because spontaneity is where we find the most joy and freedom (sometimes we refer to this as "getting lost" or, to put a positive spin on it, the "accidental adventure"). But a few times a year we end up with some kind of opportunity to meet up with friends or family which helps dictate whether we travel north, south, east or west. We had a date with Clark's daughter and her wife in New Orleans for Mardi Gras so we decided to skirt along the panhandle of Florida on our way west.

Between this postandthis one by Technomadia as well as this one from Nealys On Wheels we were torn between staying at St. Andrews State Park and Grayton Beach State Park. I messaged Cherie (of Technomadia) to ask her opinion on which park was better and her response was perfect...why not split our time and stay at both? And that's exactly what we did.

When we arrived at St. Andrews the sun was setting and the t…