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A Wicked Good Time in Beantown

{Dates of visit Oct. 11- 14, 2013}

Disclaimer: With only two days to explore the area there's a chance we didn't get to see, do, drink, tour, eat or photograph 99% of the things one "must do" while in Boston. Forgive us, please.

It was our last stop that would include my sister, Marylou, and brother-in-law, Craig. Our time in the north east was up since we already had reservations in Cedar Key, Florida for winter. We would only have a month to get from Massachusetts to our winter 'home'. Marylou and Craig had plans on upgrading their truck camper and also had to get back to their lives in upstate New york. But, for one last weekend we were determined to tackle everything Boston had to offer.

We've been relying heavy on our Rand McNally RV specific GPS since we hit the road in October of 2012. It's done us right when it comes to bridges and overpasses, taking into consideration the size of the Mutiny. However, we were now following Craig and Marylou who…