In Search of the Fall Foliage

{Dates of visit: Oct 2-Oct 7, 2013}

Look! The bridge authority made an amazing display for my birthday!! ;)
What are full-time RVers to do when they find themselves in Upstate New York at the beginning of fall? Well, they take advantage of the situation and check out the spectacular fall foliage that New England has to offer...of course.

The Bosveld's truck camper...
As I mentioned in a previous post, my sister, Marylou, and brother-in-law, Craig Bosveld, took some time off from work to travel around New England with us for almost 3 weeks. Fortunately, my sister and I actually do like each other...although it hasn't always been that way...and our husbands get along well. Plus, they have their own rig, so we weren't tripping all over one another and could have some time apart before that sisterly love reverted back into sibling hatred (kidding).

Our side-by-side campsites at Wellesley.
Our first stop was Wellesley Island State Park in the Thousand Islands area. The park is situated on the St. Lawrence River and has some great bike trails. It was a nice spot to unwind and hang out by the water (and do yoga, of course).

Marylou tackling the downhill..
Eight angle pose on the St. Lawrence River.
I'm not sure what the guys were doing while we enjoyed even more bike rides and yoga...

Shadow selfie...
Early morning (cold) yoga.
We made a day trip into Alexandria Bay to check out the sights...

Refreshments...with Boldt Castle in the background.

Clark keeps trying to convince me that the "next" Mutiny will be a boat...slightly bigger than this one though.
After some sufficient rest and some time getting our "camping legs" back from being stationary for so long, we headed into the beautiful land known as Vermont. It seemed that as soon as we crossed the state line the world turned green (with shades of gold, red and orange mixed in).

Fall is enveloping us!
Although they had been there before, Marylou and Craig suggested we camp in Burlington so we could see the beautiful city and still be able to enjoy the countryside. We were not disappointed.

 We camped at North Beach Campground on the shores of Lake Champlain. The campground has a rustic, woodsy feel, yet is within biking distance (via an actual bike path, yay) to downtown Burlington. The beach is also a short walk away from the sites.

A little early morning yoga at the beach with friend, Lindsey, who drove out with her hubby to camp for the weekend.
The gang riding to town...
Burlington is an amazing (but expensive) town. Fresh fruits and veggies, locally grown or crafted products, live music, yoga, farm to table restaurants, great has everything a person could want, really.

Freshly baked breads...
Fresh, organic, locally grown veggies...
Local libations...
Farm to table Mexican food at El Cortijo to satisfy the meat-eating husbands and the "almost vegan" wives (so delicious!!)...

Fantastic yoga (see my Rambling Yogi post to read all about it)...
A great class made even better by being able to share it with my sister.

Street art yoga...
THEIR version of street art yoga...
We didn't spend nearly enough time in Burlington but there was so much more to see before Marylou and Craig had to head back to New York and we had to be in Florida (pre-paid reservations for the winter). It was a whirlwind of shopping, eating, doing yoga and making plans for our next stop. It's certainly an area that we'd love to get back to some time soon.


  1. I thought I had commented before, but I see nothing, so here goes. I just wanted to say I like your sister's part of the world and we both LOVED Burlington! We all will need to get back there sometime.


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