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Meeting Friends On the Road...

{Dates of visit August 19 - August 26, 2013}

We continued to head south through Michigan and stopped at Dune Lake Campground, in Coloma, MI for 3 days as we made our way to South Bend where I was meeting my longtime online friend, Ellen. We chose Dune Lake because Clark was still on a fishing kick...granted he wasn't catching anything but he having a good time anyway and his mantra became "It's not called Catching, it's called I'm doing it right!".

Unfortunately, Dune Lake isn't exactly a least not as most of us would define the word lake. Instead, it was more like a mud puddle. Now, I've been in a lot of different kinds of swimmin' holes from the creek behind my grandma's house (filled with eels, so my older sister told me) to a natural hot springs in the Yukon to sharing a pond at the base of dam with a snake (not on purpose) and I gotta tell ya...this was no swimmin' hole. It really looked like a stagnant puddle o…

Off-the-Beaten-Track in Freesoil, Michigan (and a lesson about mail forwarding)

{Dates of visit: Aug 12-19, 2013}

Looking back I believe it was our next stop, Farmview Resort in Free Soil, Michigan that we learned how valuable and indispensable the website (and app) Allstays is for RVers. Michigan is a bustling place in the summer and staying along the coast of Lake Michigan can provide a lot of sticker-shock when looking for campgrounds. Not only that, but you might find most of the State Parks are full if you fail to preplan in the high-season. Thanks to Allstays, we found a beautiful place to park the Mutiny for a week while we relaxed, fished, did a lot of yoga and scheduled a mail drop.

Farmview is just off of highway 31 and, as it's name implies, offers a view of the farm just across the highway. It's looks like it was once a serene pasture on rolling hills with a small pond which is home to a flock of somewhat tame ducks.

I have to warn you, there isn't much going on the Free Soil area...and with a population of about 145 people you can't e…