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Death Defying Camping in Beulah Michigan

{Dates of Visit Aug 5-12, 2013}

Part of the problem with being full-time RVers who travel is that there is often "too much" to do in an area. On one hand this can be a positive, you're never 'bored' and every day is a new adventure. But, like many, we are on a fixed income...and sometimes, having too many choices means we overspend by eating out more, paying for admission to various attractions and making excessive purchases at stores because we've felt so isolated or have gone 'without' for a while.

There's a certain "Oooo...Awwww" factor the first time you step into a major department store, or even grocery store, after being in the more remote areas of the U.S. And for those of you who don't travel much, I can assure you that your favorite products and foods are NOT available throughout the states. Starbucks is as foreign to areas like the U.P. as fish boils and daiquiri drive thrus are to Los Angeles.

And God help us if we come a…

Traverse City Film Festival: An Unexpected Adventure

{Dates of visit: July 30-Aug 5, 2013}

Although we were reluctant to leave our beautiful waterfront campground in Petoskey we had no choice. The middle of summer on the Michigan coast is a bad time to go without reservations (at least in the popular/touristy areas).

Fortunately, we found a great campground in Williamsburg, MI which is just 10 miles outside of Traverse City. Everyflowing Waters Campground is a beautiful little private spot with a garden like setting. They also accept Passport America (except the month of July) for an unlimited number of days (take that you naysayers who still insist on believing ALL P.A. discounts are limited to 1-2 days). So, aside for our first 2 nights, which were in July, our stay was about $16-$18 per night. And trust me, for this area (not to mention during the Traverse City Film Festival) that is a killer deal.

The downside is they have no sewer connections and no dump station on site. But, the friendly park owner, Dennis, will happily dump your …

Petoskey Stones and Hobbit Houses...the Adventure in Michigan Continues

 {Dates of Visit July 29-30, 2013}
There was a little bit of debate on the route we should take upon leaving the Mackinac area. I wanted to head down the western side, along the shore of Lake Michigan while Clark was thinking the eastern side would be less crowded (especially since we would be traveling in the midst of the dreaded Summer Vacation period). After consulting with a local, and finding out that this last recession shut down a lot of the campgrounds, restaurants and attractions on the Detroit side of the state, we opted for the more beautiful (aka touristy) side.

We knew nothing about Michigan, this entire leg of the journey was entered into blind.

Most of our stops were chosen simply due to travel time and not necessarily by location or points of interest. To be honest, the entire shore of Lake Michigan is stunning so I don't think you can go wrong where ever you decide to drop your jacks. Our first stop had us at Magnus Park in the city of  Petoskey.