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Giraffes, Sidecars and Open Bars in Racine, Wisconsin

{Date of Visit: July 3-8, 2014}

One major reason we were drawn to this fulltime lifestyle is that we both have family spread across the country. As a matter of fact, neither of us have any family members living in Vacaville, California (where we originated) nor can we actually call it our 'hometown'. It just so happened we both found work in Vacaville and decided to live where we worked. Granted, for both of us, it's the place we've lived the longest but's not like we went to high school there or actually grew roots.

And so that's how the Mutiny found it's way to Racine, Wisconsin for 4th of visit family. Clark's niece, Katie, had planned her wedding for a beautiful summer Saturday at the Racine Zoo where she and her fiance met. Luckily for us, we were able to "camp" at a cousin's house which was right where all of the before and after wedding festivities took place.

I have to admit, it was one of the coolest events I…

Udder Madness in Wisconsin

{Date of Visit July 1-3, 2013}

Our next stop in Wisconsin was prompted once again by author Neil Gaiman turning this into a Read Tripping adventure! If you'll remember (or just click here and read) we stopped in Chattanooga and Rock City, which was where the climax of the story American Godsunfolded. Well, a pivotal moment in the book also occurred in Wisconsin, specifically House on the Rock.

Now, even if you aren't an avid reader or Neil Gaiman fan {as if that's possible...get one of his books STAT} I can assure you that House on the Rock is a Bucket List worthy item. It seems like it's out in the middle of nowhere because...well, it's out in the middle of nowhere. But, with a little research and pre-planning or just sheer luck and getting lost (we like to call those "accidental adventures"~a term coined by my wonderful friend Coleen) you can find several cool things to do while in the area. That is, if House on the Rock isn't reason enough on it…