The Most Wonderful Delightful Camping Spot Ever {Strum, Wisconsin}

A little blurry but the sign says "Open For Business" in case you were wondering is Wisconsin was closed or not.
{Date of Visit: Jun 30, 2013}

We left Sauk Centre, Minnesota with a better appreciation for the American small town and over-nighted in Strum, Wisconsin (Pop. 1,128). What's that you say? You've never heard of Strum. Neither had we. Since it was early in our adventures we relied mostly on our Passport America book and/or Google to find campgrounds {we now use which includes Passport America campgrounds as well as pretty much every other campground in the U.S.}. Therefore, we found ourselves in Strum.

Personally, we aren't fond of blacktop camping...even if it is free. I have heard of too many people who over-night for "free" at places like Wal*Mart and Cracker Barrel only to end up spending more money "shopping" or eating breakfast than they would have if they paid for a cheapo campground. And I know our willpower (zilch) when it comes to things like not having to cook or running to the store to pick up "just a few things". It's just not my bag.

So, we found ourselves in Strum and camped at Crystal Lake Campground. Honestly, the only reason I am telling you about this place is because it will be a while before we find ourselves back in the area...otherwise, I would keep it a secret...a wonderful, fabulous, quirky little secret.

First, let me remind you that we have no kids traveling with us. We aren't old but we aren't all that young either. We like to camp at places that you wouldn't mistake for touristy, not by a long shot. We like it quiet and scenic (if possible) and we don't frequent chain stores, mega-stores, chain restaurants, movie theaters, malls, buffets, or any of those other things that remind us of the life we left when we hit the road. Quirky and quaint call to us like sirens to a sailor. So if you find yourself camped at a place we loved based off of our recommendation and you hate it don't blame us...every one has different tastes. And ours is about as opposite of your typical KOA as you can get. Crystal Lake is in the tiny town of Strum (actually, it's called a Village) which could also be considered Any-small-town, U.S.A. There's a Main Street with a bar and old train station and a hardware store. This is the kind of place where the bar is always open and the other stores may or may not be...because everyone in town just might be at the bar.

Da bar.
Hello Summer Shandy!
There are snowmobile trails that are perfect for biking in the summer...and also have signs to the closest watering hole.

Me and "Hugo" on one of the snowmobile trails that surround the campground.
Signs like this can be found along the trails...
And an old railroad corridor turned bike trail, which you know I love!! Buffalo River State Trail runs 36 miles and offers a nice, flat trail for biking, walking, running, horseback riding, ATVing and snowmobiling (depending on the season of course).

Hopping on the Buffalo Trail.
Me and my bicycle...
Helpful signs along the trail.
 Of course we hit the area up at just the right time of year:

Giant dandelion gone to seed (along the Buffalo Trail).

A pedal from a flower caught up on this leaf...I saw this and knew we would love this village.
Our wildlife encounter.
And our camping spot...well, let me tell you...we opted for a non-sewer site because the space was huge and the view was to die for...

Site #1...right on the water with shrubs and trees separating us from any potential neighbors. (Note: satellite is up and tuned poles are out and bikes ready to go).
The view out of our front window.
We pulled in (rather than backing in) so we could have a lake view from the front windows. It's always nice to have an extra long hose.
I don't know that we will ever have reason to travel through this part of the country again but if we do we'll be sure to stop here again. Our site was $20 per night (full hook ups are $22) but weekly rates are $95 and $110 respectively. There's also a dump station on site. Within walking distance is a really nice golf course and, of course, tons of trails.

Although this was just an over-nighter it was such a great campground we felt it deserved it's own post. I can't tell you if there was a grocery store nearby or even a post office but I can say it's a great place to unwind and unplug.

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