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The Most Wonderful Delightful Camping Spot Ever {Strum, Wisconsin}

{Date of Visit: Jun 30, 2013}

We left Sauk Centre, Minnesota with a better appreciation for the American small town and over-nighted in Strum, Wisconsin (Pop. 1,128). What's that you say? You've never heard of Strum. Neither had we. Since it was early in our adventures we relied mostly on our Passport America book and/or Google to find campgrounds {we now use which includes Passport America campgrounds as well as pretty much every other campground in the U.S.}. Therefore, we found ourselves in Strum.

Personally, we aren't fond of blacktop camping...even if it is free. I have heard of too many people who over-night for "free" at places like Wal*Mart and Cracker Barrel only to end up spending more money "shopping" or eating breakfast than they would have if they paid for a cheapo campground. And I know our willpower (zilch) when it comes to things like not having to cook or running to the store to pick up "just a few things". It'…

Read Tripping: Main Street, Minnesota

{Date of Visit Jun. 28-30, 2013}

Somewhere between St. Louis and South Dakota I had downloaded and read the novel Main Street by Sinclair Lewis. Set in the 1910's, the book is about a young woman from St. Paul who marries a doctor from the the fictional small town of Gopher Prairie, Minnesota. She wants to change everything about the town, the boring people, the lack of architectural interest and add some class and culture. It was Lewis' first real literary success and describes the American small towns lack of individuality and it's dullness. Although it is widely known that Lewis based this story off of his home town of Sauk Centre it could really be about any small town:

"The town is, in our tale, called “Gopher Prairie, Minnesota.” But its Main Street is the continuation of Main Streets everywhere. The story would be the same in Ohio or Montana, in Kansas or Kentucky or Illinois, and not very differently would it be told Up York State or…

Rambling Yogi: Episode 5~Hopkinton, NH {No Showing Off in Crow Pose}

Ohana Yoga
633 Maple Street
Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Styles of Yoga Offered:
KripaluMixed Level HathaChairPowerPrenatalKids/Family Pilates Class(es) I Took:
Mixed Level Instructor:
Shira Price:
$12 drop-in
Our journey through New England with my sister, Marylou, and her husband continued into New Hampshire. It was perfect timing to be here (October 7-9, 2013) with the fall colors and crisp air. The sun, lower in the sky now, filtered it's light into the windows of the studio making it very calming and serene.

Ohana is situated in what used to be a single story house, so it's very inviting and has a comfortable feel. Lots of windows allow for natural lighting, a far cry from the overhead florescent bulbs I've experienced in larger studios making them feel like a "gym" and not a "sacred space".

Marylou and I decided to get up early for a mixed levels class in the hopes it would challenge us a little. One of the hard things about doing yoga-on-the-road is det…

Traveling the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota

{Date of visit: June 27-29, 2013}

“The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast,
and you miss all you are traveling for.”
Louis L'Amour
I'd love to say that the rest of our journey across North Dakota was as phenomenal as our visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park but it wasn't quite as spectacular. There's a lot of wide open space in North Dakota. Well, maybe not empty.

Some how I convinced Clark that a MUST SEE in the state was driving the Enchanted Highway. After all, I had read about it in my 2001 publication of Eccentric America guide book and we had agreed, prior to hitting road, that we wanted to incorporate some of the weird and quirky sites in America (ala the Griswold Family Vacation). What better way to do so than to travel 32 miles due south when we needed to be traveling east to get to our next destination, especially when your rig gets about 6 mpg?

Well, let me tell ya...the sculptures, which make the …