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The Black Hills and some Country Charm...

{Date of visit: June 7-12, 2013}

South Dakota surprised us with it's diverse weather and ecosystems. The eastern part being humid and fairly flat with the banks of the Missouri River and mudflats making up most of the area (that's the part I don't really like). Head west and you hit grasslands so vast you wonder how on earth parts of the world are so over-populated while viewing the never-ending expanse of land as far as the eye can see. It seems alive...well, I guess it is since it's grass...but watching the wind make wavy ribbons with all of that grass is really something to behold. Then come the Badlands...a strange formation that was millions of years in the making.

And then there's the Black Hills. The air is drier here but that doesn't detract from the beauty of the hills. The Sioux Indians call the Black Hills sacred and I would have to agree. Once you step away from the tourism that make up the area you get a sense of what Shangri-la must be like. And …

Rambling Yogi: Episode 4~Burlington, Vermont {Check you Pretentiousness and Shoes at the Door}

Burlington Yoga 215 College St. Burlington, Vermont 
Styles of Yoga Offered: HathaVariations of Hatha and "flow"Beginner/BasicsRestorative Class(es) I took: Flow Price: 60 minute class $13 drop-in90 minute class $15 drop-in
As Tales From the Mutiny toured around New England, we were fortunate to have my sister, Marylou, and her husband, Craig, caravanning with us is their truck camper. My sister is an amazing activities director, and after 12 months on the road I was not opposed to turning over all of the decision making and planning to her. Since they love Vermont we were eager to have them show us around and a trip to Burlington was born.
Burlington is abustle with everything yoga. I'm pretty sure everyone in the area is either a certified instructor or in teacher training…or a model for yoga clothes. The proper attire for Burlington seems to be yoga pants (or shorts) and Uggs and, for the most part, didn't reflect the idea of conscientious consumer that I had been le…

The Good, the Bad{lands} and the Ugly...South Dakota

{Date of visit: June 3-7, 2013}

Note to self: Do not write blog posts while sick with the Voodoo Flu as they come across very negative.

Sorry for that last post (re: Sioux City) being a bit of a downer. While I can't say anything I wrote wasn't true, I think I put a little bit extra blah in my writing due to the bad juju I was feeling at the time.

Anyway, I am happy to report that after leaving Sioux City, things in South Dakota took a turn for the better. And it started out with meeting my old high school buddy, Tony, in Sioux Falls for lunch. Tony has a pretty amazing story of being a living donor (he donated one of his kidneys to his wife!!) and biking long distances (he rode 883 miles to the Transplant Games in 2012) in support of the Living Donor Program. Read all about his story here and follow his adventures here.

After lunch we headed West and over-nighted in Plankinton, South Dakota at Hill's RV Park. While there's nothing fancy about this RV park it was conv…