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Riders On the Storm...aka Crying For My Mom to Save Me in Tornado Alley

{Date of visit: May 26-29, 2013}

I'm not going to lie, we were eager to get out of Missouri. Folks like know, the ones from Northern California who say an earthquake (which comes with absolutely no warning) is better than any other kind of natural catastrophe. We are terrified of storms involving wind--like hurricanes and tornadoes but brush off shark attacks and undertow warnings (mainly because we don't actually get in the you know how cold the Pacific Ocean is?!?)  So what did we do when we found ourselves in St. Louis, Missouri with no really good option to get out of Tornado Alley? Why, we planned our escape by driving straight up the corridor...*Highway 29! Face your fear and do it anyway (or some such nonsense).

Highway 29 straddles the borders of Kansas and Missouri and then Nebraska and Iowa before entering South Dakota. You can see  on the maps here that 29 runs right through the pink and red areas, which for most people would be a similar warni…

St. Louis...Home of the Pork Steak and Corkball*

St. Louis...that magical city on the Mississippi River that might be the best thing since sliced bread...which is funny, since the bread slicer was invented here. It's unfortunate that I didn't know much about St. Louis when we visited briefly in May last year. The 3 things I did know were that Clarks' brother was currently living there, it was home to Gateway Arch and that East St. Louis (where we were staying at the Casino Queen RV Park) has the highest crime rate in the United States...O_o

(Also, my favorite essayist, David Sedaris, was going to be in town for a book signing the same weekend we were there.)

But we are optimists...and we came from the East Bay (aka Oakland/Vallejo area-okay, maybe a little further east in a not so 'tough' neighborhood)...and thankfully our RV park was gated. The Casino Queen RV Park was almost completely blacktopped but offered full hook-ups with 50 amp service, wifi and free shuttles to the Metro Station and the Casino. Plus, i…

The Struggles of Staying "Green" on the Road {The Problem with Single Serving "Convienence"}


{New} Harmony, Gee I Really Love You

I may have mentioned in an earlier post that our method of fulltime travel is more leisurely than some. You won't find a leg of our journey (so far) that is in excess of 200 or so miles. We like late starts and early endings, which means leaving no earlier than 11 am and arriving no later than about 3 pm (preferably). That's just what we do and because of that we found ourselves parked at Harmonie State Park in New Harmony, Indiana back in late May 2013.

We were headed from the Louisville area to St. Louis to see family. Having never been in this part of the country we had no idea what there was to see or what towns might be of interest along any particular route. So, we arrived in New Harmony without a clue as to what to expect.

Turns out the town is exactly what it sounds like...harmonious. At first it seemed a little "Children of the Corn" and we joked about never being able to leave again. It's really like going back in time with small, cute ho…