Rambling Yogi: Episode 2~Watertown, New York

Satyana Yoga
Suite 13 Paddock Arcade
Watertown, New York

Styles offered:

Classes I took:


Located on the second floor of the Paddock Arcade (the second oldest indoor shopping mall built in 1850), Satyana Yoga Studio is a truly unique gem. The lobby area houses rows of old yoga and meditation books which sit across from an old church pew for practitioners to use to remove their shoes. The room is L-shaped due to a curtained off area used for massage but provides for an excellent flow of energy. Where the 2 long walls meet makes for the perfect spot for the instructor to guide classes. An alter sits against one wall and ivy plants have grown and weaved their vines over and through the exposed pipes and beams on the ceiling for an organic and authentic feeling.

The ashtanga class, led by Kathy Falge (who happened to study with the late S K Pattabhi Jois in India), basically takes the student through the full Primary Series with the freedom to shift the focus on to a new pose as the class energy dictates. People who are new to yoga (or to Ashtanga) are welcome but Kathy does make every attempt to stay true to breath work while still helping with corrections and explanation for beginners and regulars alike. On days when the "regulars" made up all (or most) of the class we stuck to a more rigid practice that allowed us to move completely through the entire Primary Series. It was hard work, but it also provided great benefit (mentally and spiritually). Savasana easily became my favorite part of class as Kathy went to each student with essential oils and provided a quick (but oh so wonderful) shoulder massage.

The Kripalu class, led by Barb, was set to music…not pop and not Ram Dass, but somewhere in between. Since Kripalu is a less rigid style of yoga every class is unique yet suitable for beginners. It's fun and flowing…always ending in bridge pose, full-wheel and headstand if so desired. 

Both classes are very well taught and worth the small drop-in fee of $10 per class with discounts on package or monthly tickets (especially considering I've since paid twice as much for some not-so-good classes). The atmosphere is balanced and grounded with great energy from the the teachers and students. I'm actually surprised that these classes weren't packed wall to wall with students. It's almost like this place is a little known secret in the city. 

Satyana is my sister's studio and since I didn't take any interior pictures of it I thought I'd include a few pics we took doing yoga together.
If the 5 classes I took are any indication, I don't think you can go wrong at Satyana Yoga. If you are anywhere near Watertown it's worth dropping in for a class. I think you'll be surprised at the level of knowledge and professionalism found in this studio. It's a small town yoga studio with a big city quality. 
A little crow and baby crow at the Apple Farm.
There's obviously a large gap between the last class I took in Kentucky and these I took in New York...especially when you consider we went all the way North West to South and North Dakota and then across to Upstate New York. Although I didn't attend any studio classes I was still practicing on pretty much a daily basis. Here's some poses from various places along our route:

Badlands, South Dakota
Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota
Belle Fourche, South Dakota (the geological center of the United States)
Devil's Tower, Wyoming
Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota
Infinity Room at the House on the Rock, Wisconsin
Farm View in Free Soil, Michigan
Even Clark does a little handstand now and then.

Along the Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Traverse City, Michigan

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