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Rambling Yogi: Episode 2~Watertown, New York

Satyana Yoga Suite 13 Paddock Arcade Watertown, New York
Styles offered: Ashtanga KripaluHathaVinyasa Flowalong with private sessions and self-practice hours

Classes I took: AshtangaKripalu

Price: $10 
Located on the second floor of the Paddock Arcade (the second oldest indoor shopping mall built in 1850), Satyana Yoga Studio is a truly unique gem. The lobby area houses rows of old yoga and meditation books which sit across from an old church pew for practitioners to use to remove their shoes. The room is L-shaped due to a curtained off area used for massage but provides for an excellent flow of energy. Where the 2 long walls meet makes for the perfect spot for the instructor to guide classes. An alter sits against one wall and ivy plants have grown and weaved their vines over and through the exposed pipes and beams on the ceiling for an organic and authentic feeling.
The ashtanga class, led by Kathy Falge (who happened to study with the late S K Pattabhi Jois in India), basically takes th…

Rambling Yogi: Episode 1 Bardstown Kentucky

As a former long distance runner I had toyed with the idea of maintaining my training when we hit the road in October 2012. I had visions of running in marathons (or even 5ks) in every state of the Union. I've always been a goal setter that way. But after a few months on the road reality sunk least my reality. We were often in places that were not conducive to running. Clark isn't a runner so I was always out alone running long distances which meant an hour or two of running 'blind'...not knowing if the trail or route I was on was "safe" or if I would have cell service should I get hurt. Sometimes we would end up in areas that offered no good areas to run...the roads were too dangerous with no shoulders and heavy traffic and the high school tracks were closed to the public. At one point I ran around the RV park we were at to get my miles in...about 34 laps. It wasn't fun. People thought I was crazy.

I lost my mojo because running was becoming wor…

Nashville...home of the Fried Green Tomato (oh, AND Country Music)

We spent a week in Nashville (April 24-May1, 2013) to visit family and check out the music scene. After checking into the Nashville Country RV Park (which accepted our Passport America discount for 4 of those nights) we hit up the famous Nashville Farmers' Market. Although it was far from peak season there was still plenty to shop for, sample and enjoy. One of the nice things about this Farmer's Market is that it's open 362 days a year.
While Nashville is a nice enough place (and it was great to spend time with our niece and her soon-to-be husband) it became pretty clear that it was another eat and drink your way through kind of places. I'm sure one could find plenty to do that doesn't involve eating and drinking but there is a heavy emphasis on these 2 activities (much like the touristy parts of San Antonio, Austin and New Orleans). We generally aren't opposed to partaking but lets face it…we aren't exactly in our Party Prime anymore. And after recently b…

Our Road Trip Turns into a Read Trip...

We left my mom's house on April 15th and started to head north not really knowing what there was to see or do along most of our route. Our niece's wedding was scheduled for early July in Wisconsin and we had a lot of highway to cover. The midwest was as foreign to us as the moon so we kept our fingers crossed and hoped for the best. So imagine our surprise when this is where we ended up for our first stop. Lake Allatoona near Canton,Georgia was the perfect juxtaposition to the suburban box stores and chain restaurants of Montgomery, AL. Sweetwater, an Army Corp of Engineers campground, features spacious campsites suitable for any length RV (with pads from 23 feet to 75 feet). Quite a few are waterfront and all are within a very short walk to the water's edge. Best of all, the wisteria was in bloom. And at $20-$22 per night (w/e) it was clearly a top pick for us in 2013.

We spent most of that week doing absolutely nothing except enjoying the surroundings, taking walks and …