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Talkin' Bout My Renovation...

This past March (2013) we landed in the small town of Wetumpka, Alabama to recover from a very expensive week in New Orleans. Oh, and to visit my mom, of course. Luckily for us, her new home has a cement pad in the back yard as well as a double wide gate which allowed us to "camp" basically for free. Nothing like mooching electricity, water and wifi from your family (I highly recommend it).

After 5 months on the road we were in desperate need of a purge. On top of that, I really wanted to change a few things out. Our RV was completely unmodified...we were living with what was once white "wall -to-wall" carpet, burgundy and grey upholstery (everywhere...couch, window treatment, bedspread, bench seats...) and beige walls. It was impossible to find accessories that complimented the pattern on the couch and the interior made us feel like, well, blue-hairs.

  I knew that I wanted the carpet gone. With a dog and 2 cats (not to mention the husband who spills and leaves cr…