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The Struggles of Staying "Green" On the Road (Groceries & Recycling)

Living "green" is important to me. I know, it probably sounds ridiculous coming from someone whose primary means of moving about the country gets 6.5 mpg on a good day. I realize this and can only offer to you, dear reader, the excuse of "but we don't drive that much". And, truth be told, we most definitely use less fuel these days than we did in our "previous {normal} lives". Although we both had very short commutes Clark drove pretty much non-stop during his 10 hour work shift. During our first year on the road we accumulated about 9000 miles between both vehicles...way less than the combined totals of my car, Clark's Jeep and his work vehicle prior to going 'full-time'. Regardless, I am of the thought that we should educate ourselves and make the changes we can, even those that require effort, and make an attempt to be 'good stewards' of the Earth.

Here are some numbers that will hopefully grab your attention:

~The average Ameri…