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Flash Back to New Orleans

I am horrible at staying current with our adventures...for that reason I thought it only fair to start labeling past stops as "flash backs" just for clarity...(currently we are in North Carolina and headed to the Outer Banks tomorrow).

We arrived in New Orleans on March 1, 2013 to coincide with the arrival of our friends, Curt and Carrie from Sonoma, who were out to visit Curt's son Gary and daughter-in-law Kristin. Knowing that there would probably be an excess consumption of alcohol (see our San Antonio adventure for proof) we decided to splurge and set up camp at the French Quarter RV Park...just a few blocks away from the real French Quarter.
Although quite pricy, we had to take into consideration how much we would potentially spend in cab fare had we opted to stay somewhere cheaper yet further away. The French Quarter RV Park is literally within walking distance and was quite manageable on our bikes as well. There were a few non-locals who felt it was un…