Yankees in Port Arthur's Resort

Yes, we're STILL in Texas.
The route from Galveston, Texas to New Orleans had us making one last stop in Texas, Port Arthur (we prefer to do our driving in 2- 2.5 hour increments...sometimes even less). For those "in the know" we used our Passport America camping discount to further line our pockets with savings since we knew that Nola was going to be a spendy affair {and we are on a fixed income}. For those wondering what PA is...well take a look at this link and find out how a very small investment of $44 a year can save you 50% off of your camping fees (unfortunately we get no compensation for sharing this tidbit of info...and I'm too lazy to find out of they even offer an incentive for referrals). We were actually given a 3 year membership at Clark's retirement party by one of our amazing friends...so don't be shy about casually mentioning this to your friends and family and then make sure you throw a retirement or going-away party (or put it on your Christmas or Hanukkah or Birthday or President's Day Wish List). Regardless of who buys it, it will more than pay for itself.

Welcome to the Deep South! Chips anyone?
 After spending a week camping at state parks the things we were most thrilled about at Port Arthur RV Resort were the washers and dryers and full hookups. Clean clothes and a sewer line at your site (which means being able to shower in the comfort of your own RV) are akin to being upgraded to first class on your cross country flight or getting upgraded from a crappy first floor hotel room with a view of the parking lot to the Penthouse Suite. There is just nothing like it...(well, we all know that's B.S. but ya gotta admit that a hot shower and clean clothes are pretty awesome when you've gone a week...or more...without them).

No problem getting level here!
The park is brand new with huge cement parking pads but it's also right by the highway and has no grown trees to act as a buffer. I'm not a very vain person but I do hate going out first thing in the morning in my pj's, hair all askew and wearing my unflattering coke bottle glasses to walk the dog with no kind of cover. I'm sure no one cares...right? But it's a nice, clean place to stop over for less than $20 a night thanks to our PA discount (we had fullhook ups, 50 amp service, free wifi that worked, and even free DirecTV but we have Dish and didn't use it).

Great spot to throw back a few cold ones.

We didn't explore much but did try out Pine Tree Lodge, which was recommended by the super friendly camp hostess. We wanted to go somewhere frequented by the locals and that's exactly what we got. The locals kept us entertained with talk about how many of their teeth were grown in their own mouths {seriously, I can't make this stuff up} while we faced another reality...we were in the Deep South, which if you look it up on Wikipedia is Southern speak for Deep Fried Everything. Sure they believe in vegetables...deep fried okra, deep fried zucchini, deep fried mushrooms and even deep fried pickles (FYI: those count as veggies below the Mason-Dixon Line).

Gator Bites and hush puppies...true southern food.
Faced with a not so healthy menu (said the spoiled California girl)...we opted for Hush Puppies, Gator Bites for Clark and Fish Tacos for me (this was before I went "practically" Vegan). Now, as much as I loved the ambiance of the place and despite the fact that we were called Yankees due to our South Dakota license plates, I have to advise against getting fish tacos from any place that doesn't specialize in true Mexican food and this was no exception. However, the Hush Puppies were great. The gator as we all know tasted like chicken (so I've been told). But the place has charm and a great patio area which I hear is frequented by gators. Unfortunately we didn't see any. Still, for some local flavor it's worth stopping by for at least a beer or wine cooler (no full bar).

Not today. =(

In Port Arthur we stopped by the Queen of Peace Shrine:

This Hoa-Binh (Area of Peace) features a statue of Mary which was built by parishioners of Queen of Vietnam Martyr’s Catholic Church, in gratitude for their escape from Asia and the city which welcomed them.

And the Buu Mon Buddhist Temple:

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