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Welcome to the Bayou!

There was a feeling of conquest when we finally crossed the border into Louisiana. As we all know, Texas prides itself on being BIG...second only to Alaska, a fact a lot of Texans handily forget. But it is big and it feels like you will never reach another state line...ever. Like a mirage, it just keeps getting farther and farther away the faster you move toward it. So when we saw this sign it was a cause for celebration:

Louisiana has it's own vibe and you feel it pretty much upon entering the state. It's a mixture of Southern Hospitality and a splash of the French laissez-faire attitude, combined with the Caribbean concept of "Island Time". Which means it's perfect...unless you're in a hurry. At restaurants and bars you will most likely have to flag down the waitstaff to get your bill and then wait for them to feel like processing it.

We stayed at a Maxie's Campground in Broussard near Lafayette (which we soon learned is basically pronounced Laugh-yet a…

Yankees in Port Arthur's Resort

The route from Galveston, Texas to New Orleans had us making one last stop in Texas, Port Arthur (we prefer to do our driving in 2- 2.5 hour increments...sometimes even less). For those "in the know" we used our Passport America camping discount to further line our pockets with savings since we knew that Nola was going to be a spendy affair {and we are on a fixed income}. For those wondering what PA is...well take a look at this link and find out how a very small investment of $44 a year can save you 50% off of your camping fees (unfortunately we get no compensation for sharing this tidbit of info...and I'm too lazy to find out of they even offer an incentive for referrals). We were actually given a 3 year membership at Clark's retirement party by one of our amazing don't be shy about casually mentioning this to your friends and family and then make sure you throw a retirement or going-away party (or put it on your Christmas or Hanukkah or Birthday …

The Texas Gulf Coast...Our Recovery Phase

Ah, the Gulf Coast...where the water is warm(ish) and the sand is sugary white and a person can hole up and recover from a long weekend of debauchery. This was exactly what we needed after our San Antonio excursion.

If you remember {and seeing as how long it takes me update this blog I can't blame you if you don't} we bought a Texas State Park Pass and used it only twice so far. In order to really have it pay for itself we were determined to use it for our next two stops while on our way to Louisiana. So, we found two beautiful state parks right on the beach...and what better place to spend the end of winter than on the beach.

Our first stop was Mustang Island State Park on Padre Island in Texas. Because of the very large sand dunes the sites don't exactly have a beach view but it is in walking distance. One thing to be aware of is that those dunes are made from wind...blowing sand into piles...which means there is wind...blowing sand into piles. Granted we were there in F…