Resting up at the Texacali Rose...

Drinks for 2...
 Catch up-wise we've made it to February...which is great except that we are still 5 months behind! Luckily, for those who follow us on Facebook, you've been able to get some updates on our location and route as well as a few pictures of what we've been up to...perhaps to the point of annoyance (or concern if you've seen all of the "cocktail" photos).

I swear the only drinking problem I have is that I don't currently have a drink...which I intend to rectify right this moment. Stand by...

Okay, seriously...contrary to popular belief we really don't eat out that much nor do we booze it up often. Just ask Clark who, when he sees me making dinner, says "let me guess...chicken and rice?"...and he is always right. I swear he would rather starve to death than eat another tuna fish sandwich for lunch...and yes, I've tried to change-it-up by sneaking him one of my hummus wraps once...and only once.

So, February had us changing our plans again because the 49er's made it to the Super Bowl. Originally we were going to Big Bend National Park in Texas but the excitement of a possible Bay Area Sweep (the S.F. Giants had just won the World Series) combined with a free place to stay and seeing our fabulous friends Rick and Lisa really left us with no choice.

King of the Park...Lake Sweetwater Municipal Park, Texas.
After leaving Carlsbad behind (no love lost there) we over-nighted in Sweetwater, Texas at the Municipal Park which we had all to ourselves. And get this, it was only $10 a night with 50 amp service and water. Score! The next day we rolled into Rick and Lisa's Texacali Rose and parked the Mutiny for a full week. We were hooked up with electric, water and sewer...right in their backyard.

Camp Texacali in Grandview, Texas.
The view from our front door.
Niner fans fishing in Texas.

 I'm not sure if I'm even allowed to type this so let me put it this way, the other team won the Super Bowl. It was a sad day...but we made up for it by listening to Rick and Lisa play music downtown and then Clark joined in a little.

Good times! Clark soon acquired a cowboy hat and boots after this pic was taken.
And good company.
A couple of good ol' boys taking out their frustration of the Niner loss on some old railroad ties.
Clark also installed the cat door onto our bathroom door. We were a little worried about cutting a permanent hole in the door but after months of chasing the dog away from the cat box and moving it back and forth every day we said 'screw it'. We've not regretted it once.

Thank you Rick for the use of your power tools...even if you didn't know.
Cleo will be quite upset that she no longer have access to unlimited Kitty-Roca fresh out of the cat box.

Despite the horrible football game it was a great stop over with great friends. We did a lot of relaxing knowing we were headed for party central with dates to meet up with other friends in San Antonio and New Orleans. I'm really hoping to be able to post about those before Christmas. =)

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