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Singing Cowboys and Bird-less Watching...

Originally we hadn't planned on staying in Benson Arizona as long as we did, especially since it was below freezing, but when we checked the weather for all points beyond we found that we were actually in the warmest spot along the route.

Trying to fill our days with adventure (and to take our minds off of the cold) we decided to go to the little town of Willcox. Willcox is not only home to the Rex Allen Museum (I know, I on Earth could we pass that up??? And who exactly is Rex Allen?!) but the Sand Hill Cranes also makes it their home in the winter. And we just happened to be in the area for Wings Over Willcox, a huge nature and birding festival.

Now, don't get me wrong...I like singing cowboys AND I like birds. But I wouldn't call myself an avid fan of either. However, if you ever get to visit Benson you too will be looking for pretty much anything to do for entertainment. Actually, the Rex Allen Museum was quite nice and our host made it even more special. He…

I'll Be Your Huckleberry and Falling in Love...

One of the places we were looking forward to visiting on this trip through Arizona was Tombstone. We are both fans of Western History (I have a romanticized idea of the Old West thanks to books by Louis L'Amour, the Brat Pack stars of Young Guns and movies like Tombstone~"I'll be your Huckleberry" and Silverado) so it was only natural to want to make a special trip out to the middle of nowhere.

We had decided to move to a new campground slightly closer to the ghost town. We found a great spot at Valley Vista RV Resort in Benson Arizona through our Passport America membership for only $12.50 per night. We stayed 12 days and although the limit for the P.A. discount was supposed to be for 7 days only, the staff was more than accommodating and honored the discount for the additional days. Although there isn't a ton of 'stuff' in Benson, it was a fantastic park with huge sites and closer than Tucson to some of the other areas we wanted to explore.

 But it was …

Snow in Snowbird Country...

Arizona...a beautiful state where snowbirds abound. It seemed like the perfect place to be in January while much of the U.S. was stuck in the snow. We had bragged to friends, prior to leaving Northern California, that we'd be sunning ourselves all winter as their tans, and possibly their will to live, slowly faded away. But once again, the Karma gods had other plans for us.

Tucson welcomed us with below freezing temperatures and bone chilling wind. We camped at the Pima County Fairgrounds for a mere $100 per week (after the sticker shock of San Diego this was like winning the Lotto) for full hookups, including 50 amp service. Unfortunately, the campground was more like a dirt parking lot...a dry, cold, dusty parking lot with no wind break but it was in close proximity to Saguaro National Park East.

Although we weren't impressed with the city itself, we did enjoy a hike through Saguaro National Park East:

Took a day trip to Colossal Cave Mountain Park (which was awesome)

Spent …

Christmas in San Diego!

This update is long overdue as it involves our month long stop in the San Diego are over Christmas and New Year. We had dreams of spending a nice warm, beachy Christmas with *Gina and Ashley (Clark's daughter and daughter-in-law)...wearing shorts and bragging to our friends in the colder regions of the States how awesome our weather was and how much theirs sucked. {Not that we'd ever want to rub their noses in it...}.

Well, the Karma gods had other plans for us and we spent the better part of 45 days cold, wet and {somewhat} miserable. And it was super expensive to boot.

Our first month was spent at Santee Lakes. The park itself was beautiful and there was so much water fowl that every day was like hanging out with the Audubon Society. There's a great walking/running path and a lot of grassy areas for relaxing and reflecting on life. While we were there they even hosted a Christmas in the Park for the local kids...complete with snow and sledding, pony rides and Santa. But …