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Country Camping Meets Riverside California

We left Joshua Tree ripe and ready for showers. Boondocking without shower facilities nearby will really test your relationship. After a couple of days not only do both of you end up hiding your permanent bed-head under baseball caps but you also find that you don't want to keep adding to the ever growing laundry pile, so you start wearing the same clothes every day (disclaimer: we both always change our underpants, seriously...I swear).

 This may not seem like a big deal, especially when one of us was used to wearing a uniform every day to work, but when you don't follow a schedule AND your attire never changes the days begin to blur together. You also stop getting compliments like "Honey, you look so nice today"...except the day you do finally get to shower...and then it doesn't even matter if you're still in your pajamas with your hair wrapped in a towel and not wearing makeup.

So, we were so excited to get to a campground that not only had full hook-ups b…

5 Day Adventure in Joshua Tree National Park

One of the Golden Rules in camping is to arrive at your campsite well before the sun sets so you have ample time to set up said site. This is extremely important when driving a 32 foot RV while towing a Jeep and entering a National Park to boondock…no light posts, no camp hosts to lead the way in their little golf cart, and no idea where you are going. But that didn’t deter us…not in the least.

It’s a funny thing…that 30 minute window of time between “what a beautiful sunset” to “I can’t f*cking see where I’m going…are you just gonna sit there or you gonna help me park this effing thing?!?!”. Yes, that 30 minutes can mean the difference between toasting a lovely {plastic} glass of Petite Syrah with your loved one and wondering how secluded tomorrow’s hike really is and how long it might take before 'they' find his (or her) body. Oh camping…how do we love thee.

Well, we arrived at Joshua Tree just as the sun was setting (don't let the above picture fool you...I took it t…