From Extraordinary to Meh...Bullhead City, AZ

This...does not suck.
Sometimes when you're on the road with no real deadlines or time constraints you make loose plans to do extraordinary things. And sometimes weather {or lack of gas money} change those plans in to just "meh" things. It's hard to complain about things sucking when we are living this lifestyle...not working, sleeping in if we so desire, no annoying calls from work asking ridiculous questions (like do you want to work overtime) but I'm going to complain anyway.

We left Death Valley with grand ideas of hitting up Rachel, Nevada...also known as THE closest spot to Area 51. Now, like many of you I was infatuated with The X Files {ok, so maybe the infatuation was more with Fox Mulder but work with me here} so how could we pass up on an opportunity to actually go to Area 51? Especially since we were a mere 242 miles away!

Passing through Las Vegas...New York New York.

Our plan was through Las Vegas and NOT gamble. Then head up the Extraterrestial Highway and boondock under the stars...and spaceships. We wanted to get as close to the Men in Black as possible (hopefully without getting shot at or having our cameras confiscated) and check out the Black Mailbox (which is actually white...don't ask). Instead, we got high wind advisories and reports of impending snow in Rachel.


Umm, we are not prepared for snow (see our Yosemite post). On top of that, cloudy skies would certainly impede our viewing of the night sky and U.F.O.s. This was not working out as expected. We had been one step ahead of the weather ever since we started our journey that perhaps we had acted a little too smug and Mother Nature wanted (or needed) to remind us who was still the boss.

High winds in a 12 foot tall, 32 foot long rectangle traveling down the freeway is no fun. Oh sure, it may seem like fun from the comfort of your couch (or low profile automobile)...the swaying and swinging, the changing of lanes unexpectedly, the shifting of all of your worldly possessions in the overhead bins (which then act like deadly projectiles should you need to open one of them), the car sick cats, white knuckled driver and me...with my ever helpful exclaims of "Holy Shit!", "We're gonna die!" and "Oh my effing gawd...we almost tipped over!!". Not. Fun.

So, in order to preserve my sanity and ultimately save my life (all while keeping Clark out of jail for murder)...we scratched the trip to Area 51...and the backup plan to go to the Sky Walk at the Grand Canyon..and ended up in Bullhead City, Arizona. Which takes us full circle from extraordinary to meh...and meh is being generous.

In no way am I trying to convince anyone to visit Bullhead City however, had we not stopped here we wouldn't have seen this:



We stuck it out in Bullhead for 6 days, trying to make the most of it...but opted to leave an entire pre-paid day early because we just couldn't take it any more. I can't pinpoint what exactly made it so unbearable, perhaps it just wasn't my bag. But so far, I've never been happier to leave a place. Every day can't be a party, right?

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