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From Extraordinary to Meh...Bullhead City, AZ

Sometimes when you're on the road with no real deadlines or time constraints you make loose plans to do extraordinary things. And sometimes weather {or lack of gas money} change those plans in to just "meh" things. It's hard to complain about things sucking when we are living this lifestyle...not working, sleeping in if we so desire, no annoying calls from work asking ridiculous questions (like do you want to work overtime) but I'm going to complain anyway.

We left Death Valley with grand ideas of hitting up Rachel, Nevada...also known as THE closest spot to Area 51. Now, like many of you I was infatuated with The X Files {ok, so maybe the infatuation was more with Fox Mulder but work with me here} so how could we pass up on an opportunity to actually go to Area 51? Especially since we were a mere 242 miles away!

Our plan was through Las Vegas and NOT gamble. Then head up the Extraterrestial Highway and boondock under the stars...and space…