The Evolution of Camping

Forty-one more days until we pull up the anchor levelers on the Mutiny and officially head out on our big adventure (aka retirement). Neither of us has been full-time RVers, unless you count these past 6 months we've been living in an RV park 5 miles out of the town, so there's a possibility that future posts may include a lot of "what not to do" and "lessons we learned the really hard way". I just hope we're already past the 'remember to check the grey and black water levels regularly' part (instead of while standing naked in the shower with a hair full of shampoo).

Until I met Clark I was a traditional tent camper...having roughed it along the Al-Can highway when my family moved from Southern California to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1987. I thought 'luxury camping' involved those new-fangled tents with the fiberglass and bungee cord tent poles complete with a rain fly. I've spent my fair share of nights in a pup-tent with the dew drenched nylon just centimeters from my face or just snuggled down in my Walmart sleeping bag with nothing between me and the stars. So, when Clark invited me camping I was a little confused when he hooked up a 14 foot Off-Road Starcraft tent trailer to the back of his Jeep and we packed suitcases for our trip to the wilderness.

I admit, the first night sleeping on a flat surface {I inevitably find just enough slope to have all of the blood rush to my head while I sleep on the ground} and the little fridge keeping our food from being spoiled and/or water logged changed my mind about what constituted real camping. Besides, the pop-up had 2 slide out beds and only one was being used for sleeping. That freed up the other side for clothes...which meant, for once, it was impossible for me to over pack!!

We used the heck out of that Starcraft...

As you can see, we like to pack light.

Boondocking in Cisco Grove, CA.

True believers in recycling, we brought our own 'reusable fire' to Crater Lake's Mazama Campground.

Driveway camping is never complete until you have hecklers on the balcony...
and then wake up the next morning to find the camper 'decorated'.

Woodside Trailer Park Campground in Fort Bragg...surprisingly quiet after our neighbors fell into a drunken stupor, thanks to Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Humbug State Park, Oregon...great spot within walking distance to our own little beach. amazing view, even if it was a parking lot.

Saratoga near Mountain Winery...another parking lot style campground but gorgeous hiking trails and tent camping.

Sadly, the Starcraft is no longer with was traded in as part of the purchase of our new home...a 2008 Winnebago Voyage which is 32 feet long, or less than 300 square feet of living space. Roughly, our 'plan' is to travel through North America, at a leisurely pace, for as long as we can stand it (or each other). We have a loose itinerary for the first 3 months which will include spending Christmas and New Years in San Diego with family. After that...well, all I can tell you is we will be heading east.

Introducing...The Mutiny!!