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The Evolution of Camping

Forty-one more days until we pull up the anchor levelers on the Mutiny and officially head out on our big adventure (aka retirement). Neither of us has been full-time RVers, unless you count these past 6 months we've been living in an RV park 5 miles out of the town, so there's a possibility that future posts may include a lot of "what not to do" and "lessons we learned the really hard way". I just hope we're already past the 'remember to check the grey and black water levels regularly' part (instead of while standing naked in the shower with a hair full of shampoo).

Until I met Clark I was a traditional tent camper...having roughed it along the Al-Can highway when my family moved from Southern California to Fairbanks, Alaska in 1987. I thought 'luxury camping' involved those new-fangled tents with the fiberglass and bungee cord tent poles complete with a rain fly. I've spent my fair share of nights in a pup-tent with the dew drenche…